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A Path to Success 2030
Next Steps
The Community Survey soliciting opinion on a new three-year plan for the Mount Laurel Schools has closed, and the data collected has been analyzed. The final step in our Strategic Planning Initiative is to for committees to begin drafting the action plans for each of the categories identified as priorities in the public sessions held in December and January. Those meetings took place on April 10, April 17 and May 2 at Hartford School. Committees have been formed by those volunteering to serve on Writing Committees using public input via previous sessions and the community survey results.
Minutes from our November 2, November 30, and December 7 Meetings
Our November 2 meeting focused on Points of Pride - those things participants were most proud of within the Mount Laurel Schools. More than 130 community members worked in 30 small groups to identify personal points of pride first, and then discussed those items within the group to come to consensus on items they had identified in common.
The theme for the November 30 meeting was "Expectations for the Future," those things that participants would like to see if they looked back three years from now in our schools. Individuals once again noted their ideas first, and then shared them with the group to come to a small numbers of consensus items everyone agreed upon. Minutes reflect both the Consensus Items and the individual responses.
During the December 7, 2017 final session, participants worked in carousel brainstorming groups, focusing on eight categories identified by the previous two Strategic Planning Sessions. Those categories were: Students, Special Needs, Curriculum and Instruction, Teachers and Staff, Full-Day Kindergarten, Community, Facilities and Communications. Below are the actionable ideas generated on each topic within the groups.