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We are pleased to provide you with Narrated PowerPoint presentations of our 
A Path to Reopen 2020 - A Restart and Recovery Plan. 
The links below cover specific sections of the plan:
Section 1 discusses the Conditions for Learning that must be included in the plan before schools can reopen.
Section 2 discusses both the Leadership and Planning, as well as the Policy and Funding sections of the plan.
Section 3 discusses the Continuity of Learning components of the plan, which addresses the Delivery of Special Education and Related Services (see special presentation on Special Education below for more detail), Technology and Connectivity, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and finally Professional Development.
Dr. Willard and Superintendent Dr. George J. Rafferty discuss and present their considerations for ensuring the delivery of Special Education and Related Services to students with disabilities.
We hope that you find these presentations helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use our special email account below to send your questions to us.