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Technology Support for Parents
If you need technology support for your child(ren)’s device, please let your child’s classroom teacher know by emailing or calling them. You can request technology support through any of your child’s teachers, who will then submit a Help Desk Ticket for you to our Technology Department. 

Technology handles help request tickets in the order they are received and will contact you immediately to address your concerns once they receive the request. 

Some technology issues can be solved remotely but for others you may need to bring your chromebook device in for repair.  Many repairs can be completed the same day.  If the device requires extensive repair and parts, you will be provided a loaner or replacement.  

Use Chrome Browser
If you are using the district’s Chromebook then you can disregard this section.

However, if you are using your own device, students should log into the Chrome Browser with their Mt Laurel account for live instruction and assessments. 

Students will not be able to take assessments if they are not logged in on the Chrome Browser and visible to teachers in GoGuardian.  Parents can find directions for downloading the Chrome browser here. In addition, all of your bookmarks provided by teachers and history from your district school account will sync to your device.

Connecting your Chromebook to WiFi
Should you have trouble connecting your Chromebook to WiFi at home please follow these instructions.

Powerwashing (Resetting) Your Chromebook Instructions
If you find your Chromebook is not acting properly or normally, you can perform a reset procedure called Powerwashing.  We have included instructions for resetting your Chromebook here.

Please do not take your Chromebook outside and powerwash it with your hose, as water will damage it, this is not that kind of Powerwashing. 

Student Expectations for Remote Learning
We know both teaching and learning remotely has become a major part of our students’ and teachers’ educational schedules.  As we become more proficient in all these new formats for teaching learning, we realize setting some expectations for learning remotely will be helpful. Therefore please refer to our Student/Parent Remote Learning Expectations.