Annual School Election

Annual School Election Guide


School Elections are now held during the General Elections on the Second Tuesday of November. Voters select members to represent the public on the Board of Education at that time. Only if the annual school budget exceeds the 2-percent spending cap set by the state do voters cast a ballot on budget.

The information below is provided by the Mount Laurel Schools' Voter Education Committee. Vote ... because you care.  Vote ... because we can.

Are you a registered voter in Burlington County?
If not, click here for an application to complete and mail back to the county.

Want to vote by mail this year, rather than in-person?

2009 law made it possible for every voter to vote by mail, regardless of reason.
Click here for an Application For Vote by Mail Ballot.
Print, complete and mail the application to the address imprinted on the back of the application.
You will receive an actual voting ballot by mail prior to the election. Mark your choices, fold, place it back in the envelope it comes with, apply a stamp and send it back to the county. Your vote is cast. Make sure you mail the application for a mail-in ballot prior to the deadline to give the county time to get actual ballots delivered.  
Other Important Election Questions:
Voter I.D. Requirements - What will you need to bring to the polling place?
Polling Place Search - Where Do I Vote?
Military & Overseas Civilian Voting Information

Questions Not Answered Here?

New Jersey Division of Elections
toll-free at 1-877-NJVOTER