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Welcome to Extended Day Care Option "EKO"! This program provides an option for parents of kindergarten students enrolled in our schools, either before or after our half-day sessions. We have an EKO Program at each of our six K-4 schools - Countryside, Fleetwood, Parkway, Springville, Larchmont and Hillside. Enrollment is continuous throughout the year on a space-available basis.

Extended Kindergarten Option Registration Opens For Next YearTop of Page

Extended Kindergarten Option (EKO) registration is open to students entering Mount Laurel Kindergarten in September. Your child must be registered for kindergarten in our schools to attend EKO. Registration is open on a first come, first serve basis. Registration forms are at the link provided below and at our Extended Day Care office located at 436 Masonville Road. Each registration form must be accompanied with the non-refundable registration fee of $75 and be mailed or hand-delivered to our Extended Daycare Office at 436 Masonville Road.


Frequently Asked Questions About Extended Kindergarten OptionTop of Page

Q: What is the educational program in EKO classes?
A: The Extended Kindergarten program offers students an avenue to explore learning activities that are developmentally appropriate and engaging. Based on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, young students will be provided Learning Centers in the areas of: Creative/Dramatic Play Motor Development (Fine & Gross Motor) Visual Arts Literacy Numeration (Puzzles, Activities) Science/Social Studies Exploration Social Skill Development Music/Listening Corner Activities are aligned with Mount Laurel curriculum but do not duplicate or replace activities in the standard Kindergarten program. The program is designed to enhance the Mount Laurel Curriculum. Children will rotate through various Learning Centers under the direction and guidance of the teacher and aide. They will have an opportunity to discover their own strengths and develop friendships.
Q: Will EKO be taught by qualified teachers?
A: Yes.
Q: Will there be tuition modification for free and reduced lunch recipients?
A: Yes, modifications will be available based on eligibility for various programs.
Q: What happens when there is an early dismissal or two-hour delay, or days off? Will we be refunded money or issued a credit on our account?
A: The $400 per month tuition is based on the 180-day school year and prorated on a monthly payment schedule. It is not based on the number of days per month, and no refunds are processed for days off or emergency closures or openings.
Q: If my daughter is in AM kindergarten and the afternoon EKO session, will she still be able to ride the bus home at the end of the day?
A: Yes, bus transportation is provided to and from school for EKO students at normal school times.
Q: What type of food is provided in the box lunch?
A: The EKO boxed lunch will be consistent with our elementary lunch menu, a copy of which will be provided to parents in advance.
Q: Is bus transportation provided?
A: Yes, Transportation to and from school at normal school hours is provided.
Q: Will the $75 be refunded if the class minimum is not met and the program is not provided at my school?
A: Yes.
Q: Will the lunch be included in the fee for the program, or is it a separate cost?  If so, how much per day?  Can the children bring a packed lunch from home?
A: Students will pay the elementary rate for lunch, which is $2.30 per day total this year, and $2.35 per day for the 2017-18 school year. Obviously, those who are eligible for free or reduced rates will receive that benefit. Yes, you may pack a lunch from home instead.
Q: I see your rate is listed as $400/mo for EKO. Is that a 10-month schedule?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you tell me how the program would work on early dismissal days?  I would assume that the EKO and after care would also close at the early dismissal time.
A: On normal early dismissal days, extended day care (after care) will remain open. If schools close early due to emergency such as bad weather, after care would remain open for a reasonable length of time to allow parents to pick-up children.