Parade of Artists Program

  Here's a volunteer program for art lovers of all ages, and no experience is required. Anyone from 19 to 99 who would enjoy teaching Mount Laurel K-4 students an appreciation for fine art is warmly welcomed to Parade of Artists. A volunteer art appreciation and education program, it consists of short workshops which are scheduled 2-3 times a month from September to January.
Starting in February, volunteers visit Mount Laurel's kindergarten through fourth-grade schools to present what they have learned. School presentations last from 20 to 40 minutes and volunteers are free to choose the classes they want to teach according to each individual's abilities and interests.

For additional information contact Linda Jacobs at 856-439-1410.

Parade Volunteers Honored at Board Meeting

The board of education honored members of the Parade of Artists volunteer group at the February 28 meeting. The group has actively shared fine art lessons with our elementary students for more than 20 years. Here's a link to a video on our district YouTube channel where a video will provide an overview of the group's work.