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Math Criteria Plan for Spring 2020
Math Criteria for Advanced Placement Math 
Based on the following:
Report Card Grades
Teacher Feedback Checklist
Required Scores: (2 out of 2 required)
Report Card Grades for Marking Periods 1-3 (90% average or higher)
Teacher Feedback Checklist (8 or more)
Students Currently in Advanced Math
Students will continue in the program unless they are placed on their teacher’s “Concerns List” in June.  If a student is placed on the Concerns List the teacher will notify the parent to discuss the situation in June to collaborate on if the student should continue in the current program.  If they agree on the student’s placement then the teacher will note it on the Concerns List.  If they disagree then the student will need to re-qualify to continue (if they meet the criteria then they can continue in the program at the same level).  This will be determined by the principal or assistant principal.
Teachers will complete Teacher Feedback Checklists in June.
Student placement will be determined over the summer.
Advanced Math Programs At-A-Glance

4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
4th & ½ 5th
½ 5th & ½ 6th
½ 6th & 7
Algebra 1

6th & 1/2 7th
1/2 7th & 8th
Algebra 1
Geometry 1
Teacher Checklist for Placement into Compacted Math
For On-Grade-Level Math Students

Not Consistently
Highly motivated and inquisitive
Accepts the challenge of solving mathematical problems and concepts
Explains mathematical thinking in written form
Learns concepts quickly; can handle a fast pace
Learns concepts more quickly than peers; can handle a faster pace than peers
Works independently with minimal adult interaction    
Analyzes problems and sees results easily    
Uses various approaches and strategies to solve problems    
Exhibits self-confidence with peers and adults
Highly fluent with math facts, computation, and fractions
Thinks outside of the box    
 Teacher Feedback Checklist for placement into Accelerated Math
For Current Compacted Math Students

Not Consistently
The student stands out in class compared to their compacted class peers in the following ways:
Thinks outside the box
Can handle a larger workload
Can learn quicker; go at a faster pace
Has a better understanding of complex problems and the connection among math concepts
Works independently with minimal adult interaction    
Demonstrates a strong work ethic (comes to class prepared, is organized, focused on learning; prepared for assessments; makes viable contributions in class and with group)
Uses advanced approaches and strategies to solve problems    
Exhibits maturity and confidence in class
Constructs viable arguments and critiques the reasoning of others; can reason verbally and in written form easily
Outperforms on assessments