District Policy Manual

Under New Jersey's Constitutional form of government, prime and absolute responsibility for public education rests with the State Legislature. In many instances, the Legislature sets mandatory standards by which school systems must operate. In other areas, those powers are delegated to local boards of education to establish policies and procedures reflective of the community the school systems serve.

In the links at left to the Policy Manual of the Mount Laurel Township Board of Education, you will find the guidelines by which our schools operate. These policies have been carefully crafted to reflect current law in all areas as well as our district's operational guidelines and procedures. Our Board of Education Policy Committee, has reviewed each policy before moving it along with a recommendation for full board approval.

After two readings by the board, the policy is put to an approval vote and included in the district's policy manual, if approved. The work of drafting, revising and revisiting the Mount Laurel School District policies is ongoing and ever-changing, based upon need and circumstance.