Information For Parents, 2017


Parents, Please Note:  The New Jersey Department of Education has established strict guidelines regarding electronic devices in any room where the PARCC Test is being administered. If a device is brought into the testing room, students are required to turn them off and turn them into teachers prior to the start of the test. They will be held until testing has concluded.

This mandate applies to all electronic devices, including cell phones, smart watches, and digital readers. If a student is found to have a device after testing has begun, we are obligated to contact the Department of Education and an investigation of testing irregularity will be undertaken.

Please share the severity of these new mandates with your child prior to administration of PARCC Testing. 

Understanding Your Child's PARCC Scores

Parent reports of student scores are compiled by the New Jersey Department of Education. The results of the 2016-17 Spring test period have been sent out. It is important for you to understand the resulting scores and what they mean to your child's academic success. We have compiled some of the resources provided by the state that we believe may be most helpful in that regard.  
Should you have questions that remain unanswered, please speak with your child's teacher. Remember that this is a single assessment of your child's skills. Together with a student's grades, teacher feedback and scores on other tests, the PARCC test score report will help give a more complete picture of how well your child is performing academically.
Here's another website that offers an explanation of the test results, as well as a video presentation by teachers that walks you through a sample report:

About The Test Itself & Administration

The 2016-2017 school year marks the third year of mandated PARCC testing in the state of New Jersey. Previously, our students took the NJASK Test for all subject areas. The NJ ASK is now used only for Science and only in Grades 4 and 8.
Mount Laurel's PARCC Testing Window for this year is March 27 through May 17, however individual students will test only a small portion of that time. According to testing times established by the state, the maximum total testing time for students in Grades 3-8 for both Language Arts and Math is 9.5 hours this year.

Our students have been familiarized with the use of the computer and the necessary functions required while testing. Each student will have to use headphones, which we are asking that they bring from home for health reasons. Any set of ear buds (must be double, not single) or headphones will suffice. They should be brought in a plastic bag and labeled with their name to leave in school for the testing period.

The following resources are provided to help parents better understand the PARCC assessment and its impact upon students.
From The New Jersey Department of Education: