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Some of America's largest corporations have joined together to help families during the pandemic. They have pooled resources to create:
With lessons, activities, videos and performances for children in Grades Pre-K to 12, the free service is open to all. Take a virtual field trip, relax for story-time, sit down for a drawing lesson with a nationally recognized illustrator, or chat with Broadway actors following their performance. 
"Kids don’t say, 'Beloved parent, I’m having difficulty in my daily life. I don’t fully understand what’s happening, I miss my friends, I’m afraid someone I know is going to die and it feels like life will never be normal again.' Instead, they throw tantrums, become clingy, sulk, backtalk, refuse to do anything you ask, wet the bed, pick fights with siblings and suddenly forget how to do basic tasks they mastered years ago. - Becky Bailey 
At this link, Dr. Becky Bailey, an award-winning author, renowned educator and internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology, 
shares valuable information for your family.
Talking to Children
   about COVID-19:
A Parent Resource
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You are Essential Personnel.
          You need to work.
                But your Child Care Center is closing. 
                                         Where can you find help? 
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