What To Do If ...

You want a message delivered:
Only emergency messages may be delivered to students. In case of emergency, give the message to the building principal or school secretary and it will be transmitted to the student.

A lunch is left at home:

Deliver it to the school office. The student will be notified and is responsible for coming to the office to claim it.

Something is lost on a school bus:

Call the school office and report the loss. The article will be traced from this point and you will be notified if it is found.

You change your address or telephone number:

Please advise your school office immediately.

You plan to move:

Contact the office of the school your child attends. The following information is needed: Name of student, grade, last day of attendance, name of parent or guardian, new address, name and address of new school. A  transfer card will be mailed to the new school the first day after the student's last date of attendance. On the student's last day, the student must return books, library books, pay lunch debts and book fines or the transfer card cannot be issued.

You want to confer with a teacher:

Call or e-mail your child's teacher to arrange a conference. Each staff member's telephone extension and e-mail address is listed on our website under our school Staff Directories.

A student becomes ill at school:

A student who becomes ill during school hours is taken to the nurse's office. If it becomes necessary to send your child home because of illness, you will be notified and requested to provide transportation.

You want homework assignments:

You may get this information by calling the school and leaving a message for the teacher.