Mount Laurel parents are active partners in the education of their children. Our parents have helped to shape the direction of their public school system by participating in focus groups, strategic planning and community summit discussions and implementation planning. They are invited guests at school events and in classroom projects. Our seven Parent-Teacher Organizations provide assistance at all levels on a weekly basis in our schools. Their exhaustive fund-raising efforts enhance the educational program by providing assembly opportunities, equipment and supplies and even infrastructure improvements such as outdoor classrooms and student playgrounds.

Following are the names of current Parent-Teacher Organization leaders for the 2016 - 2017 school year.

Co-Presidents – Danielle Seidelmann and Jennifer Smith, Vice President – Gina Pierce, Treasurer – Stephanie Agren, Recording Secretary – Gina Carpino, Corresponding Secretary – Laura Altobelli, Financial Secretary – Andrea Murphy

President – Andi Warrick, VP – Erica Root, Treasurer – Patty Caulden, Recording Secretary – Bethany Pacheco, Corresponding Secretary – Ashley Kee, Financial Secretary – Jacqueline Self

Co-Presidents - Karen Fleming and Tara Aviles, VP Student Activities - Nicole Graziano, VP Fundraising - Maureen Mitchell, Treasurer - Jennifer Chinn, Recording Secretary - Bridget Christy, Corresponding Secretary - Heidi Bourke, Parliamentarian - Shelly Smyth

Co-Presidents – Heather Blum and Kara Weipz, Co-VPs – Jen Reilly and Brienne DeFinis,  Treasurer – Bridget Christy, Assistant Treasurer – Jen Emerle, Communications/Secretary – Keisha Taylor

Co-Presidents – Heather Blum and Kara Weipz, Co-Vice Presidents – Dawn Whalen and Jill Castner, Treasurer – Bridget Christy, Assistant Treasurer – Jen Emerle, Communications/Secretary – Keisha Taylor

President – Danielle Stuffo, VP - Danielle Koenig, Corresponding Secretary – Christina Radtke, Financial Secretary –  Tamia Johnson-Wooten, Recording Secretary – Michael Mattle, Parliamentarian – Rose Grimes, Treasurer – Kevin Koenig

Co-Presidents – Danielle Doyle and Christine Serenbetz, VP Events – Christy Barbash, VP Fundraising - Laura Harsche, Treasurer – Kristina Corkery, Financial Secretary – Kelly Merle, Recording Secretary – Tori Asciutto, Corresponding Secretary – Christie Schippers

President – Abbie Friedman, Co-Vice Presidents Fundraising – Kim Yost and Suzanne Kauffman, VP Communications – Molly Sabala, Co-VPs Social Events - Nikki Montana and Christine Wetzel, Treasurer – Susan Dove, Assistant Treasurer – Candace Mankowski, Secretary – Kristin Magee

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