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Mount Laurel parents are active partners in the education of their children. Our parents have helped to shape the direction of their public school system by participating in focus groups, strategic planning and community summit discussions and implementation planning. They are invited guests at school events and in classroom projects. Our eight Parent-Teacher Organizations provide assistance at all levels on a weekly basis in our schools. Their exhaustive fund-raising efforts enhance the educational program by providing assembly opportunities, equipment and supplies and even infrastructure improvements such as outdoor classrooms and student playgrounds.

Following are the names of current Parent-Teacher Organization leaders for the 2019 - 2020 school year:

President - Amy Shaman, Co-Vice Presidents - Melissa Caldera and Megan Scarborough, Corresponding Secretary - Megan Hurst, Treasurer - Christine Kirkbride, Recording Secretary - Pamela Miller, Financial Secretary - Sara Knoedler 

Co-Presidents - Kimberly Baum, Vice President - Neena Pine, Vice President of Events and Fundraising - Sara Cronin, Treasurer - Kiel Gilliland, Recording Secretary - Rachel Gray, Financial Secretary - Jeana LaScala, Corresponding Secretary - Danielle Trout

Co-Presidents - Heather Blum and Kara Weipz, Co-Vice Presidents - Christy Barbash and Joanne Dickson, Treasurer - Bridget Christy, Assistant Treasurer - Christina Huelbig, Communications Secretary -Lainie Rogers

Co-Presidents - Heather Blum and Kara Weipz, Co-Vice Presidents - Candace Mankowski and Erica Root, Treasurer - Bridget Christy, Assistant Treasurer - Christina Huelbig, Communications Secretary - Lainie Rogers
President - Heidi Bourke, Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising - Meredith Kaganovskiy and Melissa Venditti, Vice President of Activities & Assemblies - Denise Augustyn, Treasurer - Colleen Burns, Assistant Treasurer - Marilyn Cannon, Recording Secretary - Melissa DiBraccio, Corresponding Secretary - Nadia Koerner, Parliamentarian - Heather Korenkiewicz

President - Latesha Belmont, Vice President - Christy Gallo, Recording Secretary - Lainie Rogers, Co-Corresponding Secretaries - Christina Huelbig and Kristine Rakita-Curry, Financial Secretary - Jennifer Marquardt, Treasurer - Geri Grottini, Special Events Coordinator - Latesha Belmont, Parliamentarian, Pam Booser

Co-Presidents - Kelly Merly and Melissa Jost, Vice President of Events - Jennifer Rothofsky, Vice President of Fundraising - Dana Johnson, Treasurer - Kristina Corkery, Financial Secretary - Aimee Gribbon, Recording Secretary - Kelly Hart, Corresponding Secretary - Leigh Cline
President - Kristin Magee, Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising - Melissa Sanko and Jen Kutcher, Vice President of Social Events - Christine Wetzel, Vice President of Communications - Karen Maurer, Treasurer - Mandy Costello, Assistant Treasurer - Jill Kleinman, Secretary - Gwen Jaffe