Meeting Progress Targets

New Jersey has recently applied for and received a waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to create a new accountability system that focuses on low performing schools and provides flexibility to other schools to support the needs of low performing students. The State's ESEA Flexibility Waiver Request now allows districts to target only those subgroups that did not meet progress targets and document any strategies being used to address the needs of these subgroups. As a result, all schools within Mount Laurel with subgroups which failed to meet progress targets are required to develop an improvement plan specifically for those groups. What follows are the identified subgroups within our district and the specific plans that have been developed to meet their educational needs in each school.

Please know that we are monitoring the progress of all students very diligently. As you can see, there are targeted timelines established for various action steps within the plans below and staff members collaborate to assure that those timelines are met and to assess the progress at those points. We continue to analyze assessment data throughout the year to measure student growth and raise the bar for challenging instruction.

Hartford School

Harrington School - Language Arts

Harrington School - Mathematics