Understanding Common Core


Mount Laurel Schools participate in the Common Core State Standards, along with other New Jersey Schools. New Jersey is one of 42 states across the country now taking part in this initiative. Educational standards help teachers ensure their students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful by providing clear goals for student learning. View the brief video below provided by the Council of the Great City Schools of Washington, DC for a concise explanation.

Common Core State Standards Video

Some Guidance For Parents Moving Through The Grades

How can you help? What should you do to monitor your child's progress? You're probably already doing it! You're involved in your child's education. You read at home. You take an interest, check assignments and help with homework.

Below are links to grade-level guides that will help further with what your child will be learning each year. Developed by the Council of the Great City Schools of Washington DC to explain the Common Core Standards, these guides are consistent with our curriculum here in Mount Laurel and offer valuable information at each grade level. Feel free to use them as an additional resource as your child moves through the Mount Laurel Schools.

Kindergarten Language Arts
Kindergarten Mathematics

First-Grade Language Arts
First-Grade Mathematics

Second-Grade Language Arts
Second-Grade Mathematics

Third-Grade Language Arts
Third-Grade Mathematics
Fourth-Grade Language Arts
Fourth-Grade Mathematics
Fifth-Grade Language Arts
Fifth-Grade Mathematics
Sixth-Grade Language Arts
Sixth-Grade Mathematics
Seventh-Grade Language Arts
Seventh-Grade Mathematics
Eighth-Grade Language Arts
Eighth-Grade Mathematics