Inspiring Potential. Enriching Futures.
For Special Kids

A Mount Laurel Advocacy Group for parents of students with special needs.
A group formed by parents for parents.
Provides information and support for parents.
Our Mission: We recognize that parents of special needs students have unique concerns.
Does your child have special needs?
If so, you may be feeling a multitude of emotions and a great deal of confusion.
We can help! Come to our meetings.
Workshop topics are selected based on the needs of our members.

Our Purpose: We, the parents, community members and professional staff of Mt. Laurel who care about children with special needs, have organized in an effort to support ourselves and our children. We do this by seeking out and sharing information, research, methods and strategies which will enhance the education and total life experience of our children and all children in Mt. Laurel.

Goals: To provide... Support, Training, Advocacy and Education.

Featured Topics:
IEP Training
• Financial Planning for Special Needs Students
• LD Simulation Workshop
• Project Life Saver/Stranger-Danger
• Respite
• ADHD Workshop
• Agency Supports
• Dad's Perspective

ASK Parent Contacts: Linda Pincus and Tammy Maioriello
CST Contact: 
Dr. Diane Willard