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Mount Laurel's Child Study Team Offices
Larchmont School
301 Larchmont Boulevard
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Telephone - 856-235-3417
Fax - 856-231-4604

Dr. Diane Willard, Director of Child Study Team Services

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The Child Study Team (CST) is a group of specialists employed by the Mount Laurel School District to provide consultative, evaluative and prescriptive services to teachers and parents. The CST, together with school principals and Building Support Committees, makes recommendations for programs and placements which will best address the needs of students who are experiencing school-related problems.

Special Education Program
Mount Laurel provides a range of programs to address the general needs of disabled students. When Mount Laurel is unable to provide an appropriate program within the district, students are placed in out-of-district, regional programs.

Basic Skills Improvement Program
The Basic Skill Improvement, or At Risk Program of Mount Laurel Public Schools, provides supplemental instruction to children in grades one through grade eight who require remediation in reading, writing and mathematics. The program is funded by state and local monies.

Intervention and Referral Services Committee
Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I&RS) offers teachers a means of drawing on the resources of both the individual school and the total district, in an effort to determine which kind of service will most benefit the student who has special needs. Each school has its own committee. The committee concept was implemented after an in-depth study of the district's special services program indicated the advantages of addressing the special needs of individual students at the building level. The intervention of the I&RS frequently will serve to meet the needs of the student.

Corrective Speech and Language Services
The development of age-appropriate speech and language skills is essential to the learning process and to a student's social and emotional growth. Children must be able to comprehend the language, express their thoughts, request explanations from the teacher and produce speech that others can easily understand.

English As A Second Language
The English as a Second Language (ESL) program was established in Mount Laurel to meet the needs of foreign students whose knowledge of the English language is limited.

Preschool Disabled Program
The purpose of the Mt. Laurel Preschool Disabled Program is to address the individual needs of each child by providing rewarding and successful educational experiences. An effective program strives to foster an independent sense of self in relation to family, peers and the community environment. Through an integrated program including cognitive, communications, social/emotional, adaptive and motor skills, "at risk" children gain the confidence and self-esteem necessary to meet challenges encountered daily.