Gifted Academic Program

The Mount Laurel School District is committed to providing an educational program in which students may grow to become productive and contributing members of society. To encourage optimum achievement, the schools’ learning environment must provide challenging learning opportunities matched to the needs and talents of students with high potential.
The Gifted Academic Program strives to provide challenging curriculum while enhancing a student's self-efficacy. Student-centered program goals, educational needs, and a collaborative planning process determine program content. The program is designed to provide an array of learning opportunities that helps students realize their potential, instills a desire to develop their talents and abilities, and encourages scholastic rigor.
Elementary Gifted Academic Program

Pre - G.A.P. - Grades 1 and 2
Students participate in a "pull out" program for one hour per week.

Gifted Academic Program (G.A.P.) - Grades 3 and 4
Students participate in a "pull out" program or the equivalent of one school day per week.
Students are served in their home schools. Gifted specialists provide a curriculum that supports student driven, inquiry-based learning, research skills, 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking), Technology Literacy and Digital Citizenship, Habits of Mind, and Affective Education.

Hartford School Gifted Program
Grades 5 & 6: The G.A.P. Program at Hartford School is delivered through our Related Arts classes. All Hartford students are scheduled for Related Arts classes, but the content for this program is adapted to meet the needs of our gifted students.
5th Grade Related Arts: Spanish, Music, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and Financial Literacy
6th Grade Related Arts: French, Art, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and TAPS (Theater Arts Public Speaking).

G.A.P. Nomination Information - Students Entering Grades 1-5 in 2017-18

Who: Students in current grades K-4 who excel in academic subjects and are performing significantly ahead of their grade level peers. For help in determining whether your child is gifted, here is an article that may offer some guidance.

When: March 27 – April 28, 2017

Where: All Mount Laurel elementary schools

How: Parent nomination forms can be printed out here and are also available in your school office. Forms must be returned to your school office no later than April 28. A portfolio will be created for each candidate and will include: Parent nomination form, teacher recommendation, a School Ability Index, and content area assessments. Testing will begin in May/June 2017.                           

Parents please note: 

Re-nomination is only necessary if your child is currently in Pre-G.A.P. Grade 2 and you wish him/her to be considered for entry to the G.A.P. program for Grade 3.

If your child is already in Pre-G.A.P. in grades K and 1, and G. A. P. Grades 3 and 4, parent nomination is not required. 

Summer 2017: Decisions regarding Pre-G.A.P. and G.A.P. admissions will be sent via US mail.

2017-2018 G.A.P. Nomination Information - Students Entering Grade 6

If your child is NOT currently enrolled for 5th Grade going into 6th Grade, you may nominate him/her for the program. Parent Nomination Forms can be printed out hereand are also available in our school office, and must be returned by May 13.
Once your child’s nomination has been received, the decision will be based on the following assessments: School Ability Index, Fountas & Pinnell Reading Assessment, your Parent Nomination (Scales for Identifying Gifted Students) and teacher recommendation.
Newly-nominated students will receive a letter during the summer with selection information.