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Kindergarten Orientation 2020-2021
(All Orientations will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on the following evenings):
Tuesday, May 5th - Fleetwood Elementary School, 231 Fleetwood Avenue, Mount Laurel, N.J. 08054
Wednesday, May 6th - Hillside Elementary School, 1370 Hainesport-Mount Laurel Road, Mount Laurel, N.J. 08054
Monday, May 11th - Parkway Elementary School, 142 Ramblewood Parkway, Mount Laurel, N.J. 08054
Tuesday, May 12th - Springville Elementary School, 520 Hartford Road, Mount Laurel, N.J. 08054
Wednesday, May 13th - Larchmont Elementary School, 301 Larchmont Boulevard, Mount Laurel, N.J. 08054
Thursday, May 14th - Countryside Elementary School, 115 Schoolhouse Lane, Mount Laurel, N.J. 08054
Kindergarten Entrance Requirements:
All children entering Mount Laurel's Full-Day Kindergarten Program in September, 2020 must meet the following requirements:
  • The child must be 5 years old on or before October 1, 2020. 
  • The child's birth date must be documented by an original birth certificate.
  •  This certificate must be presented in-person for verification during Step 2 of the registration process.
  •  A physical examination is required for all kindergarten students.
  • Three proofs of residency in Mount Laurel must be presented.
  • The form that is required to be completed by your doctor is on our InfoSnap system for you to download during Step 1 and take to your physician.
  • Proof of immunization according to the New Jersey Department of Health Guidelines by law.
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Parents, Once you have completed the registration process for your child,
be sure to access the resources made available to you on our
Once Your Child's Registration is Complete,
Don't Miss the Resources Found on our
Some Important Information:
Our Online Registration Portal is now open for next year's Kindergarten students.
Note: Parents of current preschool students who are returning as kindergarten students
next year do not need to register.
Call 856-235-3387, Extension 1525 to schedule an appointment for verification of documents.
There are Two Steps to the Registration Process
Step 1: Online Registration:
Go to our Kindergarten Registration Portal... NOW OPEN!
  • Please note that our InfoSnap Online Registration System now includes a language translator for the convenience of those who require it.
  • Create an account and answer the online questionnaire.
  • The school you are registering for depends upon where you live in Mount Laurel. This webpage shows you how our geographic sending areas are bordered by major roadways within Mount Laurel. If you have difficulty identifying your school based on where you live, contact our Office of Communication Services at 856-235-3387, extension 1.
  • In some cases, your response to a question may cause a new window or form to "pop up" for you to provide clarification, answer questions or print-out something you may need to have in-hand.
  •  If possible, upload the important documents listed at the end of the form, but please know that if you upload these files, you must still bring an original copy of your child's birth certificate in person to be verified. That is Step 2 of the process.
  • At the "Sign and Review" screen, review your information and provide an electronic signature.
  • Submit your child's registration to Kindergarten! 
Step 2: Verify Documents
Call 856-235-3387, extension 1525 to make an appointment before you come to minimize wait times for your files to be verified. This process does not take long if you have completed the online registration.
These documents must be verified in person:
An original birth certificate with parents' names and raised seal.
The following documents may be uploaded through our online portal, however, if you have not done that, they must be presented in person to complete the registration process:
Three proofs of residency, one of which may be a copy of settlement papers, agreement of sale or lease, plus two utility bills.
Proof of immunization according to New Jersey Department of Health guidelines.
A physical examination is required for all kindergarten students. This form should be completed as soon as possible if not available at time of verification.
Please Note: We recognize that with insurance and other factors, well-visits to pediatricians are generally scheduled only once a year. We allow time for pending visits and immunizations that fit that timeframe.