Upstander Campaign

Are There Upstanders In Our Midst?

According to the National School Climate Center…
“Being an Upstander means working together, side by side, as adults and young people committed to stopping bully behavior and promoting safe, respectful, inclusive school climates."
Help Mount Laurel Schools foster Upstanders by helping us recognize them when we see them.

Who: Any adult and/or student can recognize a Mount Laurel School District student for acting like an Upstander instead of a Bystander.

What: Fill out the Upstander form available here or obtain a copy from one of our schools. There is a form for adults and/or a student-friendly form.

When: Whenever you observe and/or learn about an example of Upstander behavior that took place during the current school year.

Next Step: Kelly Neiman, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator will review and verify the information. Once verified, the student being recognized, and his/her family will receive a formal letter of acknowledgement and an award. Your name and information will not be disclosed to the student or his/her family.

Thank you for helping us continually improve our school climate by recognizing our students’ efforts in doing the “next right thing”.

Email Kelly Neiman or reach her by phone at 856-231-5899 ext. 5102