Opening Doors To Student Success

The Mount Laurel School District is located in Mount Laurel, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA. It is a suburban community with a population of just over 42,000 residents. Our eight school buildings serve to educate approximately 4,200 students in kindergarten through eighth-grade. A public school system, our district receives tremendous support from the Mount Laurel community. Here, education is a priority, and residents work hard to help maintain high standards of excellence in the education of their children. Our priority, as stated in our district Mission Statement, includes "educating students to read with comprehension, write clearly, compute accurately, think critically, reason, discover, innovate, collaborate, and use information to solve problems". In that way, we hope to prepare each student for success in the 21st Century.

Bus Passes Will Be In US Mail This Weekend

Parents, bus passes for all students scheduled for transportation will be mailed on Friday, August 18, and should be received in home mailboxes a day or two later. Please watch for the passes and if you have not received your child's pass within the week, contact our Transportation Department at 856-778-6905.

Elementary School Assignment Letters Posting August 25

Harrington and Hartford School Assignment Letters have been posted in PowerSchool for access by parents through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please note that access must be via computer, and not through the PowerSchool Mobile App.
Elementary Schools Assignment Letters will be posted for our six K-4 schools next Friday, August 25. Parents will receive an e-mail with instructions on accessing the letters as soon as they are posted. Make sure you have set-up your PowerSchool Single Sign-On Account prior to Friday so that you will be ready. Directions can be found here. If you run into problems creating your account, contact our PowerSchool Manager.

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