Opening Doors To Student Success

The Mount Laurel School District is located in Mount Laurel, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA. It is a suburban community with a population of just over 42,000 residents. Our eight school buildings serve to educate approximately 4,200 students in kindergarten through eighth-grade. A public school system, our district receives tremendous support from the Mount Laurel community. Here, education is a priority, and residents work hard to help maintain high standards of excellence in the education of their children. Our priority, as stated in our district Mission Statement, includes "educating students to read with comprehension, write clearly, compute accurately, think critically, reason, discover, innovate, collaborate, and use information to solve problems". In that way, we hope to prepare each student for success in the 21st Century.

Our Winter Break Schedule

  12/22 - Early Dismissal for Winter Recess
  12/25 to 1/1 - Schools Closed/Winter Recess
   1/2 - School Reopens - Happy New Year

Why Worry About Human Trafficking?

A Path to Success 2030: What's Next?

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