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Vision & Mission Statements

330 Mount Laurel Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: 856.235.3387

Vision & Mission Statement

District Vision and Mission Statements and Excellence Through Equity Commitments 

District Vision Statement 
Our vision is to maximize the resources of our schools, homes, and communities in a shared and collaborative effort to provide a strong foundation that nurtures every student’s academic and personal growth in their journey toward becoming a successful, confident, competent and self-respecting young person. 

District Mission Statement - - declaration of our purpose 
Our mission is to ensure all of our students complete our academic programs ready to succeed and thrive in high school, postsecondary education, and engage productively in increasingly challenging and diverse local, regional, national and global communities. We will assure that every student, regardless of background, is provided access to resources, supports, relevant learning experiences and curricula that nurtures their confidence and academic growth. 

Fundamental to this assurance will be inclusive learning communities in our schools where the equal value and inherent dignity of every student is honored and sense of belonging is promoted and sustained. 

Excellence Through Equity Commitment Statement 
It is in our common shared interest that each and every one of our children, regardless of racial/ethnic background or economic condition or other dimension of identity or difference, receives learning opportunities and supports that promote increasingly high levels of achievement. We seek to continuously cultivate our students’ untapped passions and potential for learning in their school experiences with us.

Our belief is based on our shared commitment to ensure that every student receives what they need when they need it to maximize their success while we actively eliminate institutional barriers in district and school policies and practices that limit or deny these opportunities. 

To Achieve Educational Equity, We Commit To: 
* Raising the measured achievement of all students while systematically narrowing the opportunity gap between student groups.
* Eliminating any disproportionate over-representation of students identified by race/ethnicity, poverty, or gender in special education, discipline referrals and suspensions, and under-representation in gifted-enrichment programs, or other advanced learning experiences. 
* Regularly gathering and using disaggregated district-wide, school level and individual student level quantitative and qualitative data to inform our decisions. In Order to Achieve Educational Equity and Opportunity for Every Student We Will: 
* Create and sustain physically and emotionally safe and supportive schools with welcoming and inclusive cultures that positively value and support the diversity of the community we serve. 
* Regularly review and revise policies, procedures, programs, and staff professional learning opportunities to promote educational equity and improve student learning. 
* Actively engage and partner with students, staff, families and community members, who reflect our district’s increasingly diverse demographics, to assist us in informing our decisions. 
* Provide every student with equitable access to the best of what our school system has to offer.
       * caring, committed and competent educators, support staff and administrators; 
       * relevant and necessary support services provided through differentiated human 
       * and material capital resource allocation; 
       * engaging learning environments supported by a high quality and relevant
       * curriculum; and 
       * high interest and accessible co-curricular activities. 
* Employ a recruitment, employment, support and retainment process, considerate of our communities’ diversity and develop highly skilled and culturally responsive personnel. 
* Provide support for ongoing personal and professional learning that strengthens all of our employees’ knowledge and skills for supporting the needs of all students and viewing their own decisions, practices and policies through an equity-informed lens. 
* Provide curricula, learning resources and assessments that mirror the diversity of our students and staff, and reflect our understanding and appreciation of culture, class, language, ethnicity, poverty, ability and other differences that contribute to the success of our society and value the uniqueness of every student and staff member. 
* Establish, build and sustain a guiding school district and community coalition, with internal organizational structures that provide productive guidance and support to the district’s equity-focused efforts. 

Board Approved 09.27.2022