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NJSLA Information

330 Mount Laurel Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: 856.235.3387

NJSLA Information

The New Jersey Student Learning Assessments for English Language Arts (NJSLA–ELA), Mathematics (NJSLA–M), and Science (NJSLA–S) measure how well students meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). The NJSLS define what students are expected to learn in each content area. They are the foundation on which districts build curricula and plan instruction to prepare each New Jersey student with knowledge and skills needed for success. The data from the NJSLA and from students’ daily interactions with teachers, as well as from their performance on teacher- and district-developed assessments, combine to provide a complete picture of student achievement.

NJSLA - English Language Arts (ELA)

The NJSLA–ELA focuses on reading and comprehending a range of sufficiently complex texts independently and writing effectively when using and/or analyzing sources. 

NJSLA - Mathematics(M)

The NJSLA–M focuses on applying skills and concepts, understanding multi-step problems that require abstract reasoning, and modeling real-world problems with precision, perseverance, and strategic use of tools.

NJSLA - Science 

In Mount Laurel grades 5 and 8 the NJSLA–S measures student proficiency in scientific and engineering practices in the context of crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. In all content areas, students demonstrated their acquired skills and knowledge by answering selected-response items and constructed-response items.

NJSLA-Science Test Resources

This spring, students in grades 5 & 8 will participate in an online assessment called  the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA). The NJSLA-S measures student proficiency with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) for Science and is designed to determine a student's readiness for college and career. It will help parents and teachers to determine whether or not students have achieved grade level standards.


You may find the following parent resources helpful:


Parent, Student and Teacher Information Guides:

New Jersey Student Learning Assessment - Science (NJSLA-S) Grade 5

New Jersey Student Learning Assessment - Science (NJSLA-S) Grade 8


Periodic Table of the Elements - Grade 8 (English)

Periodic Table of the Elements - Grade 8 (Spanish)

NJSLA-Science Resources and Practice Tests: