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Harrington Cycle Courses

330 Mount Laurel Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: 856.235.3387

Grade 7 Cycle Courses

Underwater exploration is the focus of this course. Students study the types of engineers and the reasons for underwater exploration. In teams, they build fully-functional ROVs in the classroom. Our SeaPerch project includes both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Students learn to wire and solder circuit boards, and wire motors to the vehicles. ROV;s are tested in the pool and programmed to perform specific objectives.

Financial Literacy
Students learn the different types of financial products/services offered by different financial institutions, as well as debt/credit management strategies. They research beneficial debt leverage strategies and the purpose of a credit score/record.

Grade 8 Cycle Courses

The element of the Arts is added to this STEM course. Students identify and research an environmental problem and create a documentary video that proposes solutions. They share their videos with students in other local/global communities in order to collaborate on an effective solution. Emphasis is on the use of digital tools and media-rich resources to solve local and global problems.

Computer Coding
Students engage in online lessons, develop code and complete activities using HTML/CCS and Python programming languages. They design a product that solves a problem or presents information electronically using the appropriate technology tools.