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Intervention & Referral Services

330 Mount Laurel Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: 856.235.3387

I & RS Process Overview

What Is I & RS?
The Mission Statement of the Mount Laurel Township School District is to provide an exemplary educational foundation for all students. In many cases, building principals and classroom teachers are able to meet the needs of students within their building and their classroom. However, it is occasionally necessary to access district educational support services to assist in providing success for all students. The coordination of services is the responsibility of the building principal to ensure that students who are “at risk” are provided with an appropriate educational program.

I&RS offers teachers support for students with varying needs. This assistance includes providing services that are available in your child’s school and at the district level. The role of the committee is to determine which service or services will most benefit the student. A plan to implement the identified support is also developed by the I&RS Committee. Each school in Mount Laurel has it’s own I&RS Committee. Each month, administrators, teachers, school counselors, and other district staff members work collaboratively to assist teachers in meeting the needs of all students.

In many instances, the intervention plan developed by the I&RS team will include the use of the Response to Intervention, or RTI, model.

The RTI model for school-age children who are at-risk emphasizes pre-referral prevention and intervention. RTI can be distinguished from traditional methods of identifying learning disabilities in that it allows early and intensive interventions based on learning characteristics and does not wait for children to fail before providing necessary services and supports. The major premise of RTI is that early intervening services can both prevent academic problems for many students who experience learning difficulties and determine which students actually have learning disabilities, as distinct from those whose underachievement can be attributed to other factors such as gaps in learning due to mobility. Note that learning disabilities can be rooted in academic, behavioral, health or social-emotional challenges.

Why is my child being referred to I & RS?
  • Academic concerns
  • Social/Emotional concerns
  • Physical concerns

How will I know that my child has been referred?
  • The teacher who has referred the student will contact parents prior to the I &RS meeting.

What happens during an I & RS meeting?
  • The referring teacher discusses the concern and the strategies that have been used to address that concern.
  • The committee makes suggestions to support the teacher in the classroom.

What happens after an I & RS meeting?
  • The referring teacher will contact the parents to let them know the outcome of the meeting.
  • The committee's designee will follow up on the progress of the student.

How Can I Help Support My Child in School?
  • Stay in contact with your child's teacher. Get to know your child's school counselor.
  • Check and sign your child's homework planner daily.
  • Check the school's website for homework assignments and/or class announcements.
  • Get involved in the school.
  • Join your school's Parent-Teacher Organization or volunteer to help with school events.